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Find The Best Tree Service in Mount Rainier

The best Mount Rainier tree service one is will provide you with the services you need, at a price you can afford. It is imperative to first understand your needs so you can compare and ask each tree service company in Mount Rainier questions that will help you ultimately make the right decision for your type of trees, foliage and density. XRefer has only reputable, experienced and qualified tree care companies in Mount Rainier that offer trimming, removal, pruning, disease detection and management and more to make your life a little easier.

Costs for Mount Rainier Tree Service Projects

Tree Service in Mount Rainier, MD

Mount Rainier Tree Service

The average cost for tree service in Mount Rainier is $640. Pricing for tree service in Mount Rainier varies depending on the types of trees, their heights and how often you need tree service in Mount Rainier.

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Tree Trimming in Mount Rainier, MD

Mount Rainier Tree Trimming

The average cost for tree trimming in Mount Rainier is $586. Pricing for tree trimming in Mount Rainier varies depending on type and height of trees and how often they need to be trimmed.

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Tree Removal in Mount Rainier, MD

Mount Rainier Tree Removal

The average cost for tree removal in Mount Rainier is $678. Pricing for tree removal in Mount Rainier varies depending on how big the tree is (both in height and diameter), how old it is and what type of tree it is.

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Stump Grinding in Mount Rainier, MD

Mount Rainier Stump Grinding

The average cost for stump grinding in Mount Rainier is $361. Pricing for stump grinding in Mount Rainier varies depending on the amount of tree stumps to grind and how big each tree stump is.

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What Makes A Mount Rainier Tree Care Company The Best?

Whether looking to spruce up the look of your yard or if you want monthly trimming and pruning, you need arborists in Mount Rainier with the knowledge and tools for, but one that is always available with the services that you need.

The best companies offer excellent service at reasonable prices without sacrificing the integrity of your landscaping. Although most companies do offer tree trimming, it is usually just one out of a plethora of available services.

Mount Rainier Tree Removal - Getting Rid of Dead or Dangerous Trees

At some point property owners are faced with removing trees that have the potential to cause problems. Removing a tree is not a clear cut task of chopping it down and hauling it away. You must take extreme caution to avoid damage to surrounding property, dispose of a large volume of wood and foliage and the extent of the root network if you want to replant. There are generally two types of Mount Rainier tree removal services:

Emergency Tree Removal in Mount Rainier - Emergency service comes with a premium, but if you have a tree leaning against your house or blocking your driveway after a storm you need to get it removed right away. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but please note that unusually heavy winds can damage thousands of trees across Mount Rainier and tie up work crews for a few days in some cases.

Planned Mount Rainier Tree Removal - Property owners can plan to have trees removed if they begin to encroach on neighboring properties or if roots are growing too close to plumbing pipes. Dead or dying trees can also be removed if they begin to affect the look of your property or you think they will present a danger in the future.

Standard Mount Rainier Tree Care Services Offered

  • Mount Rainier Tree Trimming - Weekly, monthly or seasonal trimming to beautify landscapes and keep trees healthy.
  • Tree Removal in Mount Rainier
  • Tree and shrub growth regulation - Ensuring your trees grow vertically so they do not impede views or become obstacles in walkways or become dangerous near power lines.
  • Stump grinding and/or removal
  • Tree disease diagnosis, maintenance and prevention - Includes checking leaves and roots for early signs of damage.
  • Tree relocation
  • Soil analysis - Important for long term health of your trees and ensuring good growth rates.
  • Firewood, mulch and clippings
  • Tree branch cable bracing - Used to both protect from extreme weather and to shape trees aesthetically as they grow.
  • Emergency Tree Services in Mount Rainier - after storms or high winds, limbs or trunks blocking streets or driveways

Because of the inherent dangers working at heights of over 10 feet it is always recommended to leave it to a professional. Mount Rainier tree care companies have specialized ladders and tools to help them reach different tree heights and are trained in proper service around utility poles and power lines. Extra large trees require bucket trucks that can extend up to 50 feet to safely trim and remove tree limbs and branches.

Additional Tree Care Services

An arborist will decide if your tree needs to have the root zone fertilized, or if it needs crown reduction to reduce its height or general tree reshaping. A full service tree service company in Mount Rainier will go above and beyond simply trimming trees and will take care of the little things (tree stumps, any type of ivy, poison oak, identify diseased trees) and clean up to leave your yard looking better than ever. Additional extras include weed and insect control, branch and leaves cleanup and haul away, fire safety maintenance and preventative measures. Some companies even offer the ability to recycle the wood chippings that are removed from your property.

Tools of the Tree Trade

Depending on the size and number of trees, a wide array of tools and equipment are needed including bucket trucks (for tall trees), track loaders (clearing root systems), cables, chainsaws, chippers, stump grinders, aerial lifts (for access to trees overhanging buildings) and spikes used for climbing up trees. Even for general tree trimming it is important that the equipment (shears, clippers, etc.) is kept sharp and in good condition for clean cutting to maintain tree health.

Qualified Mount Rainier Arborists

Before selecting an arborist in Mount Rainier make sure that they posses a valid Maryland license as well as any necessary certifications, specifically for the type of tree care you need.

The International Society of Arboriculture provides multiple certifications, such as ISA Certified: Arborists or Board Certified Arborists as well as Utility, Municipal, Climber or Aerial Lift Specialist. Individuals who are trained and ISA Certified are required to be re-certified every 3 years.

The ASCA (American Society of Consulting Arborists) offers a 4 day training course that teaches everything necessary to become an expert arborist. After completion of this course and successfully passing its exam, the consulting arborist becomes a member of ASCA. Working with an ASCA certified arborist in Mount Rainier is especially important when looking to preserve a tree, provide an assessment on potential tree damage or even providing testimony in a trial where a tree is involved.

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) offers education, training and certifications in a variety of tree service areas such as tree care safety and ANSI 300 standards, electrical hazards as well as aerial rescue. These certifications allow individuals to learn proper techniques to perform a tree service job safely, especially when working around utility poles and power lines.

Most importantly, when choosing a Mount Rainier tree service company, make sure that they posses liability insurance and/or workers compensation insurance. In the event that a tree service expert is injured, you will not be responsible for any damages or costs associated with the accident as long as the worker carries insurance. If they are not insured, you can be liable for costs associated with injuries, damages to equipment and surrounding structures.

Questions to Ask A Mount Rainier Tree Service Company

To gauge whether a company is the right fit you will need to ask the right questions. While most tree companies offer similar services, some will focus on large trees while others are pruning specialists for smaller trees.

  1. What insurance do you carry? Do you offer a warranty? Because tree care services can be dangerous, especially around power lines or on tall trees that require lifting equipment, liability insurance is a must. Often times larger (and reputable) companies offer their tree care employees with workers compensation insurance as well. Look for a warranty on services provided. The typical warranty ensures that they will come back out to provide service at no additional cost.
  2. How long have you been providing Mount Rainier tree service? Although a new company can offer lower prices, they typically do not have the industry knowledge and experience to do the job as efficiently as a company who has been in service for many years.
  3. What is your safety record? A clean safety record when it comes to scaling large trees and using cranes or aerial lifts around structures will give you additional peace of mind that your property will be safe.
  4. Do you have certified arborists? Most Mount Rainier tree service companies employ non-certified basic workers who are overseen by certified arborists who have extensive knowledge in tree health care and can provide additional information and suggestions based on your specific trees health needs. Without this professional oversight your flora is at greater risk of succumbing to disease, irregular growth patterns and more.
  5. What will you be using to service my tree(s)? If you want service on a tree that you want preserved and not damaged, be sure to inquire whether tree spikes are used as they can often harm a tree. Additional tools also include shears, pruners, chainsaws and chippers.
  6. Can you provide references for your work? A reputable tree company will be more than happy to provide references for their previous work. This can include images or better yet, contact information to past clients who can provide you with their experience, whether good or bad.
  7. How do you do estimates, consultations or pricing? Each tree service job is usually based on a visual consultation so when contacting potential companies via phone, you should always ask how they provide estimates. Does the price given over the phone change when they come out in person? Will the in-person consultations cost extra? And once a job is completed, how will the pricing look - will I be charged per hour or will there be a flat fee based on each type of service? Knowing this type of information prior to calling a tree service company will not only let you budget but it will help you understand what and how you are being charged before you are required to pay your bill.
  8. If necessary, how are permits handled? If the tree you want removed is anywhere near a utility line or lies partially on public property, you need to obtain a permit. A Mount Rainier tree care specialist will know that this is required and will that the steps needed to obtain a permit prior to work starting.

At XRefer, we know just how important tree care in Mount Rainier is to people who care about their property. XRefer partners not only fit the bill, but are experienced, knowledgeable and ready to tackle any tree care service you need.

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Budget Landscaping Inc

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(240) 492-7412

Serving: Brentwood, Spencerville, Laurel, Brinklow and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: tree trimming, tree removal, emergency service...

Capitol Tree Care Inc

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(202) 234-0577

Serving: Hyattsville, Landover Hills, Lanham, Greenbelt and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: leaf removal, tree trimming, tree removal, cabling...

Alliance For Community Trees

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(202) 291-8733

Serving: Fairmount Heights, Silver Spring, Glenarden, New Carrollton, Glenn Dale, Jessup and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: tree service, tree pruning, cabling...

Francis Landscaping

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(301) 363-7317

Serving: North Brentwood, University Park, Seat Pleasant, Morningside, Annandale, Derwood and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: tree pruning, emergency service, cabling...

Ross Tree Expert Co

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(202) 625-0806

Serving: Riverdale, Mc Lean, Sandy Spring, Gambrills, Jessup, Accokeek and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: tree trimming, tree removal, cabling...

Bonifant's Tree Svc

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(202) 362-7890

Serving: Cottage City, Potomac, Fulton, Washington Grove and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: tree service, tree pruning, emergency service, cabling...

Gaston & Bacchus Tree & Lawn

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(202) 497-5938

Serving: Glenarden, Somerset, Ashton, Cheltenham, Fort George G Meade, Davidsonville and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: leaf removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, emergency service...

Berra Tree Experts

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(301) 892-5313

Serving: Takoma Park, Lanham, North Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Gambrills and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: tree service, tree pruning, tree removal...

Alexandria Lawn Service

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(703) 455-2222

Serving: Glenarden, Garrett Park, Vienna, Odenton, Clarksville, Martin's Additions and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: tree service, tree removal, cabling...

Richard's Tree Service

Serving Mount Rainier, MD

(703) 539-5188

Serving: Berwyn Heights, Chevy Chase Section Five, Morningside, Garrett Park, Mc Lean, Spencerville and throughout Mount Rainier.

Specializing in: leaf removal, tree trimming, tree removal...

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