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Portable Toilet Rentals in Colton, CA

No one can help you get a better price on your next porta potty rental in Colton, CA than XRefer. Our experts walk you through a simple step by step process to help you understand how many portable toilets in Colton you will need, the exact type (construction, special event, toilet trailer), custom add-ons (hand wash stations, sanitary dispensers, etc.), review payment options and place your order within ten minutes. By using XRefer and comparing quotes you can save $100 or more on your next rental so get started now.

Standard Colton Portable Porta Potty Options Offered

XRefer can help you save time and money on all the most popular portable restroom solutions throughout Colton and the surrounding areas. Request a quote on the following products by completing the 60 second quote form or calling one of our local partners right now to rent:

  • Standard Porta Potties (non flushing, basic amenities, can be mounted on a trailer for mobile construction crews, pumped & cleaned weekly)
  • Deluxe, Flushing Portable Toilets in Colton
  • Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets with full ADA compliance
  • High Rise Porta Potties
  • Special Event Restrooms (flushing units available, wide array of optional amenities and levels of comfort to choose from)
  • Urinal Stations
  • Hand Wash Stations adjacent to stand alone portable toilets

Emergency Portable Toilets in Colton

When disaster strikes thousands of residents in Colton need emergency portable toilet solutions for days or even weeks until plumbing can be restored. When floods, major storms, hurricanes and other disasters hit, XRefer jumps into action to ensure portable sanitation is provided to all who need it. Speed is critical and all XRefer partners have experience delivering a full porta potty fleet ASAP even when infrastructure is down and other challenges persist. Government agencies and disaster relief organizations need porta potty companies in Colton with experience, reliability and large inventory. We help them cope with high demand during an emergency.


Here at XRefer we know you've probably got a lot of questions to have answered before renting a portable restroom. Here are some answers to a few of the must popular questions customers ask when renting a toilet in Colton:

How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need?

Short answer: 1 portable toilet serves up to 10 people for an entire day, or up to 50 people for a 1 hour event.

However, in reality this is the most important and difficult question you need to answer. It is not straightforward because you cannot calculate the number of porta potties needed based on a simple calculation, i.e. (# of people * # of hours). For example, if you need construction porta potties in Colton, you need to determine the average hourly number of workers and the average number of shifts per day instead. It helps to look at events and construction separately:

Calculations for construction portable toilets in Colton:

  1. Multiply average number of workers with average number of daily shifts and apply ratio of 1 porta potty to 10 workers. Contractors can refer here for more detail.
  2. Add 15% to account for shifts when more workers are present.

Calculations for special event portable toilets in Colton:

  1. Start with number of attendees multiplied by hours of the event to get your base number.
  2. Determine the ratio of men to women at the event.
  3. Add 20% to your total portable restrooms if there is a higher ratio of women to men at the event.
  4. Add an additional 40% if alcohol is to be served.

Where Can I Keep a Portable Restroom?

Most companies will let you place portable toilets in Colton just about anywhere you need to as long as it is safe and legal. Examples of unsafe and illegal areas are on a street, bike lane or freeway shoulder. You many need a permit to place on school or public property such as a parking lot. Here's an easy checklist if you are placing on private property or a construction site:

  1. Find flat, sturdy (i.e. no mud) surface.
  2. Give at least 30 feet for the truck to delivery the porta potty (unless you are renting a toilet trailer in Colton that will have more mobility).
  3. Make sure the portable toilets are placed out of high traffic areas where heavy construction equipment or forklifts will be passing regularly.

Choosing the Right Colton Porta Potty Company

Here at XRefer we know that you have options when it comes to choosing a porta potty rental company in Colton, and it's often difficult to select the one that suits your needs the best. Here's some questions that you should ask a Colton portable toilet company to make sure they're a good fit for your needs.

  • How long have you been renting portable toilets in Colton?
  • Do you have references available from past clients in the Colton area?
  • Does the monthly porta potty rental rate in Colton include pumping service? If so, is pumping done once a week, every other week or once a month?
  • How many events do you typically work each month?
  • How often do you inspect your portable toilets to make sure they are in top condition?
  • Is delivery included in the rental rates?

Remember that it's ok to shop around. In fact, you are doing your company a disservice if you aren't comparing Colton porta potty prices from at least three companies. XRefer research has shown you can save 20% or more and it only takes a few minutes. Get started today and see how we can help.

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