Customer list

We’re often asked what sort of institutions are using Xreferplus. Below are a few examples by sector:


Academic Libraries
Yale University
Tulane University
Cornell University
North Carolina State University
Georgetown University
University of Oxford
Brown University
Eastern Connecticut State University
University of Wisconsin, Madison
McGill University
Tufts University
University of Manitoba
Oberlin College
Syracuse University
Oklahoma State University, Tulsa
Brigham Young University
London Business School
Simmons College
University of Chicago
King Fahd University, Dubai
Open University
RMIT, Australia
Westport (CT) Public Schools
Queen’s University of Belfast
University of York
University of Reading
Public Libraries
Boston Public Library
Phoenix Public Library
Las Vegas/Clark County Library District
Hennepin County Public Library
London Borough of Camden
Hertfordshire County Council
Birmingham Libraries
Pasco County Library
Glasgow Libraries
Kent Libraries & Archives
Essex Libraries
Sandwell Library and Information Service
Gloucestershire Libraries
Taipei Municipal Library
Dubai Municipality Public Libraries
Government/Corporate/Other Libraries
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Library of Congress
The Associated Press
The British Library
US Patent and Trademark Office
San Diego Union-Tribune
British Telecom (BT)
Career Education Corporation
El Mundo
National Library for the Blind
Council of Europe
The Patent Office
British Council
24/7 Reference

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